Ashley Collins Works

KOKYU [BREATH] by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins


  • Collage
  • 60.0 " x 84.0 "


    84" × 60" mixed media, oil and acrylic on historic documents, hand fired resin, metal, found objects. Investment $118,500

    Cherish Each Breath, for Every Breath Is the Essence, and the Gift of Life Itself.
    Inhale, pause, exhale.
    Our Breath is our own musical interlude; a rhythm as unique as a fingerprint.
    And when we love, when we truly and deeply love, the breath of our partner warms our soul and fills our world with extraordinary new life.
    There is a moment between the inhale and exhale, what philosophers have referred to as the breath inside the breath where we become one with the Universe. Where all things are possible.
    As our life unfolds, with new chapters to be written, we learn more the value of our place in the universe - how powerful we are, how our smallest gesture can alter the course of a thousand lives, heal the pains of a thousand souls.
    When we exhale with love in our hearts, the ripples of the silent winds are endlessly turning around the world, and our souls are visiting places we only know in our subconscious hearts.
  • $118,500