Ashley Collins Works

DISHIRU by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins


  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 60.0 "
  • 84" x 60." Mixed Media, Oil, Acrylic, Historic Pages, Hand-fired Resin.

    Investment: $76,500.

    When we are children, our dreams and wishes are boundless. "Perhaps today I will be a fireman," "Tomorrow, I will be an astronaut." And so it continues....

    As adults, we never stop dreaming-- yet our wishes, our desires, become something more adult, somehow more diluted, things we term "goals" or "plans."

    For Collins, this work is a call to go back to the concept of wishes, dreams, and desires-- for those are what truly motivate us. Those things within our heartspace.

    The desire to find love, for example... This is something that does not lend itself to a flowchart, or a step-by-step analysis. It is simply at our very core.

    The rising sun somehow illuminates other souls and allows those souls to shine. Sometimes we are the Sun; sometimes the soul. This exchange of light somehow makes our universe grander and more majestic.

    The rising sun somehow illuminates our ideas and nourishes their growth beyond our wildest dreams. Just as we become the Sun and nourish others.

    The extremely textured left side of the work... Could this be the mountains and valleys any journey entails? Both hardship and success? The playful resin is like many streams being directed here and there, ultimately flowing to a larger body of water-- exactly where we are supposed to be.

    The figurative horse is immediately profound and powerful, and yet the contrast of the sun creates an almost Lichtenstein-esque playfulness, alternating between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, which is the intent of Collins's brush. Alternating between the inner child and the adult.

    Abandon the terms of adulthood, for the inner child is far stronger.

    After all, the best things begin with a wish.
  • $76,500