Ashley Collins Works

HEART OF THE SUN by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins


  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 96.0 "
  • 84" x 96." Mixed Media. Oil, Acrylic, Historic Documents, Hand-fired Resin, Metal, Found Objects.

    Investment: $178,500.

    Before the existence of the Samurai in late 12th Century Japan, there was a warrior whose brilliance with a bow and sword brought the moniker "One Worth One Thousand."

    It just so happened that this warrior was female.

    Her skill was such that she was sent out into battle first first with the strongest armor and she performed more deeds of valor than any other warrior of the time. Her fame continues to this day, her abilities still compared to present day fighters.

    For Collins, the story is a metaphor in our lives, a reminder that all is possible, no matter our birth or station.

    those who doubt us. those who say our paths are limited. Those who decry our ability. They are all swept away by our achievements and left in a place unremembered by history.

    The hand-bent copperwork begins at the bridle-- note the round, oblong steel that can be removed from the painting and held. This is an actual priceless "Tsuba" from the Edo Period. A Tsuba is that which is slipped upon the sword to protect the hand, just as we protect ourselves from those who doubt.

    The figurative horse and rider are at full gallop, fearless-- that which is required of our hearts to truly succeed
  • $178,500