Ashley Collins Works

  • Ashley Collins

  • The Noble Sword 高貴な剣 [Kōkina Ken]

  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 124.0 "
  • Mixed Media: oil and acrylic, found objects, prints, acrylic paper, hand-fired resin.

    This is Collins's most monumental work of the Tenchi-Tashi series that has been released to date, and was three years in the making.

    "Kenjutsu" is the "methods, techniques and art of the sword," "Kendo" is the way of the sword, but it is "Kikina Ken" which is Collins's focus: The Noble Sword.

    What would we do with unlimited power? This question may seem hypothetical or even mythical, yet we chose the answer every day.

    We are, each of us, born with unlimited power and promise. Whether we are a warrior in battle, a boss speaking with an employee, a parent patiently teaching a child, a lover nurturing the growth of our counterpart... Every day we are in positions of unlimited power where we chose the use of our sword.

    The warrior can kill every opponent
    The Boss can fire every employee
    The Parent can call out a child's every failure
    The Lover can belittle the growing strengths of their counterpart.

    Yet, we do none of these if we use our power for noble purpose.

    Strength. Power. Belief. Restraint. Playfulness. These are just some of the traits that weave into noble action, and it is these traits that create the panoply of interwinding images and layers that combine to a chorus of beauty.

    The Japanese kanji above the upside down horse translate to "Moving Pictures" and are an homage to one of the first Japanese Anime ever created-- in 1907 by Katsudo Shasin... someone who risked all to follow his belief in something new.

    There are multiple horses and multiple actions occurring at any given moment-- Collins has somehow created an endless loop of stories, the paths of which we the viewer are allowed to determine and change.

    What shines through above all else is the sheer joy.

    The utter bliss that comes from knowing we have used our sword, not just as a weapon, but in noble action. In service to the beauty of our world and those we love.
  • $247,500