Ashley Collins Works

Challenge Accepted by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Challenge Accepted

  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 96.0 "
  • Mixed Media: oil and acrylic, found objects, hand-fired resin finish. Part of Collins's Tenshi Tachi series of works.

    We live in a time of false narratives: photos of people on private jets they have snuck on for a few moments, images of others standing next to cars they do not own... complete fabrications that make success appear as easy as a choice of the moment.

    But for those who are real, who have earned true success, we know how long the road and how fierce the battle have been. And it is this journey that has made the true taste even sweeter.

    During that very journey, there were those who reached back to help us along the way. Often with quiet gestures of kindness.

    Yet far more common, far more loud, were the voices that told us what we could not do. That said our failure was assured. Those that laughed, those that doubted. And so often, those voices echoed so loudly of the canyons of public opinion.

    To all of those voices, the good and the bad, Collins has a simple refrain:

    "Challenge Accepted."

    It is the ultimate 'Mic Drop' of success.

    The letters and symbols floating above the young warrior girl's head represent a thought bubble, not yet truly formed… in which Collins has hidden the phrase "The Victor."

    Yes, success is truly never easy, and the real narrative is not filled with simplistic slogans, but rather with sweat, tears, and time. Getting up again and again, and again, and again.

    To shout, through our actions, not words, "Challenge Accepted."
  • $164,500