Ashley Collins Works

Bamboo Forest by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Bamboo Forest

  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 60.0 "
  • Mixed Media: oil and acrylic on historical documents, copper, hand-fired resin finish.

    A Bamboo forest is swaying cathedral of wonder.

    The frailty of a single leaf begins to move... then the stalk begins to sway.

    Like the beginnings of a symphony. First, a single violin is heard. A single Bamboo stalk begins to sway.

    Then, as others join in, the music becomes like the waves of an ocean. The gentle rocking of a cradle to engulf you, sing to you.

    And so it is with life.

    A single person, a single gesture, a simple kindness, can begin the change for the entire world.

    Within the left side of this work are frames of one of the very first anime images created in Japan in 1907, entitled simply "Moving Pictures."

    What caused the artist, Katsudo Shasin, to create this? A few frames, 34 seconds, that opened the door to a worldwide movement.

    When a single action is done with love, it changes us. Changes all of us. Like the beginning of that first simple frail leaf in a Bamboo Forest.
  • $73,500