Ashley Collins Works

Dreams of a Warrior by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Dreams of a Warrior

  • Collage
  • 60.0 " x 84.0 "
  • Mixed Media: oil and acrylic on historical documents, found objects, hand-fired resin finish.

    Our dreams and ambitions are never linear. They come in tumbled ideas, in moments of pause, in a beautiful frenzy of motions and movements.

    Collins has created a mirror of a warrior's dream and the beautiful disconnect of all its parts that somehow together create something so magical we are drawn back to it again and again.

    It is the embrace of the imperfect-- the parts jutting out, the numbers, wood, metal, images, textures...

    We can take this clarity and use it in our daily world-- to see how wonderful the imperfect is. To feel the rough edges of a friend's personality and love them all the more for it. To find a face that is all wrong-- an assemblage of eyes, nose, and lips that should not work together, but makes our heart form the widest attachment of love possible.

    We all have the Dreams of a Warrior. We sometimes forget just how beautiful the imperfection of those dreams can be.
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