Ashley Collins Works

Cadeaux [The Gift] by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Cadeaux [The Gift]

  • Collage
  • 96.0 " x 84.0 "
  • Mixed Media: oil and acrylic on historic pages, copper, found objects.

    Gold. Diamonds. Jewels.

    Each of these are among the most highly prized objects in our collective belief system of value.

    Yet none of them compare to the most precious gift we can give someone.

    Our time.

    Such a basic thing, yet in some ways, the most difficult to give.

    We are besieged daily with immediate crises and needs, often winding up our day wondering what we achieved, and that is in fact an indication of how unimportant so much of what we do is. Sometimes we need to strip away the noise to remember what we truly value.

    And thus Collins began this depth-filled work, stripping away layers and layers of the paintings that this canvas held over the years. What is left are the imprints of what has gone before, and yet in its simplicity, it has become truly beautiful.

    The copper has been carefully shaped into elegant curves, yet we see within the shapes a child's rollercoaster, a playful clock, a buckle, the highlight of a muscle; moments of our memories.

    This work is not a call to action, but rather a gentle holding of the heart.

    A pause to remember what is our most precious possession we can give to another.

    Our time.
  • $165,000