Ashley Collins Works

MOMENTUM by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins


  • Collage
  • 96.0 " x 84.0 "
  • Mixed media, oil and acrylic, found objects, historical pages, hand-fired resin.

    This work is part of the "Firelight" series, where Collins photographs horses reflected by firelight, and then conveys those mythical specters upon the canvas using texture and feel.

    We are constantly amid changes in light around us... notice how the simplest object can become more beautiful when lit by the light of dusk. It is even more so with firelight...

    Fire harkens back to our common human heritage, and sometimes to more personal memories: of family, friends, laughter... all highlighted by a flickering wave of warmth. That wave of warmth sits somewhere deep within us.

    Fire and its light are somehow safety, in the same way the love of another envelopes us when we most need it.

    Fire and its light are somehow power, harkening back to thousands of torches fending off attackers in days of old.

    Fire and its light are somehow pure: there are no filters, no transmission lines, no chords. It is not made at some distant place, but rather simple, in front of us tangible and of nature.

    Through texture and abstraction, Collins has somehow allowed each of the above to come through... If you change your angle only slightly, the effect changes, and this is a beautiful, soft, flowing constant.

    The name is a reminder that life is indeed a collection of moments which build on one another, creating a symphony of Momentum. It is how every great achievement in life is earned. Through sweat, love, and dedication, moment after moment..

    Momentum leads to our highest heights, whether in love, business, relationships, or grasping hard-fought goals.
  • $128,500