Ashley Collins Works

  • Ashley Collins


  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 126.0 "
  • 84” x 126”, mixed media, oil and acrylic on aged paper, historical documents, hand fired resin finish.

    The definition of a sage is: “a profoundly wise man or woman who features prominently in history or legend”….

    Yet Collins views this definition as limiting – isn’t it more realistic to include all those whom we have learned from, each teacher in our lives that have helped us on our journey… friends, family, lovers, strangers…

    For each of us are truly a Compilation of a Thousand Sages…

    This massive stunning work begins with historical love letters, the first of which stems from a 16th century love letter that Collins found in a small alley bookseller in Bilbao. A city in the shadow of the great Frank Gehry museum…. … and much like the museum, the curves of the penmanship captured Collins imagination… These letters have been reproduced by Collins in the work on a massive scale, and combined with love letters from John Adams to his wife, Abigail… showing not only that love has no bounds, but that greatness and achievement finds its very foundations in love. These letters are then covered with layers of original pages from Harpers Magazine and other books in the late 1800’s, and early 1900’s. Each article representing a different stage of life, a different learning experience, a romantic moment, a first encounter, the happiness of a child… each moment that we are being taught by another… without even knowing it.

    The license plate is from 1929, and for Collins it a reminder to never let obstacles of hardship overcome the beauty and wonder of life. To some this year represents struggle, but to Collins it was a year of astounding creativity and achievement – the year three “little women” started the Museum of Modern Art in New York with eight prints and one drawing… the year the first color television was invented by H.E. Ives…(the first images being roses, the second an American flag).. the year Dorothy Eustis established the first seeing eye dog school.. and the first few talkie films were released… each of these representing the shear power of those that changed our lives by their dedication, invention, and wisdom… teachers and sages, each.

    The figurative face of the horse is the very essence of knowledge, compassion, and love.
    And from this comes a calm of power… of knowing strength, without the need to rush to its use.

    We are each a beautiful mosaic, comprised of thousands of lessons learned from the gifts of love and kindness of others… and it is by those gifts that we ourselves become sages to others.
  • $168,500