Ashley Collins Works

ARCHANGEL by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins


  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 96.0 "
  • Mixed media, oil and acrylic, found objects, historical pages, hand-fired resin.

    As children, we try to do everything perfectly. Of course we do not succeed, but that is the goal.

    As we get older, and after many achievements, and many missteps, we begin to appreciate that is the imperfect which makes life interesting, makes us real.

    "As a young child I remember walking through museums utterly amazed at how detailed the painted imagery was.

    However, the more detailed, the more accurate the paintings were, the less I felt. The paintings were like photographs, trying to portray a three-dimensional subject matter in two dimensions. Rather than unfolding a new world, they were simply reproductions of what was.

    There was and is something hollow and empty about the perfect, both in art and in life.

    Consciously or unconsciously, my work has always sought to portray the flawed and imperfect beauty of life. The emotion and the soul itself, rather than the thing." - Ashley Collins.

    So what is Archangel? It is more than an angel, for it shows its scars with pride. Those scars were earned in making the world more beautiful.
  • $138,500