Ashley Collins Works

Abraxis Plate 1.2 by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Abraxis Plate 1.2

  • Oil
  • 84.0 " x 120.0 "
  • Diptych: Mixed Media, oil and acrylic, aged paper, historical documents, rope, iron, hand-fired resin finish.

    Texture, Depth, Distance, Warmth, Touch.

    In this interactive work (Collins challenges you to play with the ropes, move them about, and create the painting anew), you enter endless echoes in time.

    Actual pages from the 1800’s, science journals of the 1950’s, dime novels from the 1960’s. What could be history is brought to life, into the importance of love, feeling, pain, joy – all of which are timeless and ageless… whether for the leaders of the past, or the hero’s of the future.

    Each of us have felt the same tugs at our heartstrings and overcome tremendously difficult obstacles, each of us have the goal to be great in live and love. In the warmth from others that we wrap around our soul, and in the protective cover we provide those we care for.
  • $125,500