Ashley Collins Works

Aragorn by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Aragorn

  • Oil
  • 84.0 " x 60.0 "
  • Of all the opposing qualities, power and humility are the most beautiful when combined in our lives.

    It could be the simple act of donation without fanfare, the patience of a parent to a child, the heartfelt placement of a lover’s interest before our own, the protestation of attention to allow it to be shared by another in greater need.

    For Collins, it is this combination which J.R.R. Tolkien creates one of his most powerful legends, that of Aragorn. An heir to a kingdom who choses to protect others as a simple Ranger, rather than declare his crown aloud for all to hear.

    All of us have that child inside that wants to share our accomplishments with the world.. to hear the applause, the well deserved accolades. And there is a time and a place in each of our lives for this.

    But a greater reward comes from seeing the faces of others as they are lifted toward their own goals. A Silent Sentinel that protects those that may not even know of the dangers which they are they are cloistered from.

    It is a reward of a single smile. A joyful laugh. An accomplishment of another that rings the highest belltower, without the knowledge that our hand is also on the bell rope.

    We each have more power within us, than we know. And we have also within us, the ability to quietly use that same power for others, and in so doing, allow our love to shine and live on in legend.
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