Ashley Collins Works

Spin Dog Spin by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Spin Dog Spin

  • Oil
  • 84.0 " x 60.0 "
  • Spin Dog Spin is a challenge by Collins to approach goals with a light heart, knowing if we follow our heart, we will succeed.

    We each are far more powerful than we could ever imagine – if we trust ourselves and ignore those in our lives that say we cannot achieve your goals…… Because we can.

    In Collins own painting journey, for years, she was told contemporary art could not focus on the soul of the horse, that no one would take a female painter seriously, and for years she was homeless because she fought for her dream. She is now one of the top female contemporary painters in the world and those naysayers are long forgotten.

    The title “Spin Dog Spin” reflects the journey of a single painting of Francis Barraud in the late 1800’s -a painting showing his dog, intently listening to a wind up Edison Bell Cylinder phonograph…

    Thinking the Edison-Bell Company located in New Jersey, might find it useful for marketing, he presented it to the marketing director who promptly said, "Dogs don't listen to phonographs". That should have been that… yet Barraud refused to take no for an answer.

    On May 31, 1899, Barraud went to the Maiden Lane offices of The Gramaphone Company… and quickly won over Manager William Barry Owen…. The rest, as they say, became history. The image became successful trademark of the Victor and HMV record labels, HMV music stores and Radio Corporation of America (RCA Records) and would last more than 100 years as an icon of music and art.

    The painting, for Collins, began when she came across an old 1950’s RCA record, which forms the beating circular heart of this magnificent textured work…

    Collins repeatedly layered and tore portions of the collage, lending the painting added strength – you can reach out and touch the variations which somehow tell the story of the power of our beliefs… for Collins the torn passages form rivers, and just like rivers, they plow through some obstacles and around others, but always arrive at the intended destination. the figurative horse astounds. There is no question as to his power, his presence…

    Note, one added secret – the historic license plate from 1918, a symbol of the work of many determined souls in achieving a goal which was supposedly unachievable, both in England and in America, the right of women to vote.

    We can accomplish whatever we set our minds to… We are indeed powerful beings. And persistent, just like Barraud. Spin Dog Spin.
  • $58,500