Ashley Collins Works

Shooting Star by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Shooting Star

  • Oil
  • 96.0 " x 120.0 "
  • This is the first 96” x 120” Collins has created in her “Skin Horse” series of works, making this beautiful and depth filled piece historically significant in her painting arc.

    The sheer scale of this work captivates instantly, and the layering created by Collins means that no matter how long this work is viewed, over weeks, months, years… there will always be new finds, unleashed secrets… for the viewer… surprises unfolding.

    The magical tradition of wishing upon a shooting star began long, long ago. The astronomist Ptolemy in ancient Greece believed that in order to look down at what humans were up to, the Gods would need to open the “divider in the sky” which separated the sphere of the heavens and the sphere of the earth. When they did this, stars would fall into the world of humans, and become shooting stars. The people of Ancient Greece would then make their wishes when they saw the fleeting meteors because they new the gods were observing their thoughts and actions.

    For Collins, the Shooting Star represents the dreams of a child, dreams that we possess through out our lives… the child within us never ceases to be… rather it is often simply covered by the rules of adulthood we learn along the way…… and often, as we grow in success in life, we realize that the joys of the child within us are far more important than those adult rules….

    “Its funny” (Collins speaking in her interview with Art Collector Japan Magazine) “At this point in my 30 plus years of painting, most of my collectors are far beyond the wealth and success that most of us dream of….most through sheer determination and hard work…. Yet because of that, they are often the most child-like or learning to be childlike, because once we have conquered the adult rules of life, we realize how utterly meaningless they are… Simply enjoying the varying colors of a sunset. Noticing how fast the hummingbird beats its wings… looking into the eyes of the family dog to see the endless love inside…. The taste of ice cream on a hot day. These are joys that cannot be purchased, but can be shared with others that we love.”

    Time is our most valuable possession, and children are great teachers of being in the now… seeing the butterfly as a “floating yellow”… touching a tree trunk and listening to its voice…trees that have often preceded us by hundreds of years……

    Shooting Star is about grasping those dreams and truly flying..

    Physically, the sheer size of the work should be oft-putting, but it is not.. rather there is a warmth…an invitation to explore that Collins has created by the layers of texture and found objects…

    The whirling metal “heart” that can be spun by hand is from a 1940’s seed spreader… a metaphor for what we can create… what we can grow with our dreams…

    The books, pages after pages, are the knowledge that surrounds us… for the taking, like grabbing the wisdom of a star….

    Collins takes the childhood dreams one step further… as the viewer finds images in homage of the Velveteen Rabbit… a children’s book from 1922 written by Margery Williams….the very foundation of the “Skin Horse” in Collins works… notice the “V” made of wood… and the painted “original edition”….

    Instead of more description and guidance…let your inner child explore…. Go ahead, reach out and touch the painting… (Collins believes all art should be tactile… it is our touch which helps bring it to life….), spin the wheel of the heart… hold the metal rose in your hand (it is held by a magnet so that it can be removed and cherished..)…

    Indeed, Shooting Star is for the wishes to be in your life, wishes that become true.
  • $185,000