Ashley Collins Works

Man in The Moon (Orus) by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Man in The Moon (Orus)

  • Oil
  • 48.0 " x 72.0 "
  • Protection. What does it mean to truly protect another?
    Is it sacrificing our own well being, caring with endless love, or standing up for
    what is right, no matter how difficult the task.
    For Collins the Egyptian God Orus, is the perfect representation of protection..
    For Egyptians, he was the God of the Sky, his right eye the sun and his left eye the
    moon… he took the shape of a beautiful falcon, and it was his flight across the
    worlds that turned the sky.
    Our own protectors do indeed turn the sun and stars for us. They do so without
    hesitation, focused on love. It is indeed the most beautiful power of protection
    that there is.
  • $48,500