Ashley Collins Works

Autocrat by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Autocrat

  • Oil
  • 60.0 " x 72.0 "
  • “Autos” meaning “self,” kratos meaning “strength”

    In this beautiful complex work, Collins ask us, what is our self strength?
    Is it the ability to rise when we fall,
    To seek a dream, no matter how difficult
    To help others, whose gifts are less than ours, or challenges greater
    To love with all our heart… with all our soul…
    To be curious enough in life to find the hidden wonders easily overlooked
    To share that which we hold dear
    To create something from nothing
    To heal others through work or livelihood
    To see light while others see darkness.

    Chances are that it is a combination of many of the above.
    And it is the blending of those strengths that is our greatest achievement.

    The nine images of the figurative horse head in blue… reflect the power of many strengths – the reserve we have to draw from for own interior warrior. The number nine, considered lucky in Chinese because it represents the echo of the word “everlasting.” Our greatest strengths lives on beyond us, in the changes we make in others, and in the world.

    There are two horse heads in red.. and for Collins these represent that our greatest self, is often found in the partner that allows to grow beyond our wildest expections…

    This painting is in some ways a mirror to remind us, of just how amazingly powerful we truly our… a reminder of our self strengths, autocrat.
  • $36,500