Ashley Collins Works

  • Ashley Collins

  • Angel Red

  • Oil
  • 48.0 " x 72.0 "
  • Mixed media, oil and acrylic on panel, historical documents, found objects, matte varnish, hand welded metal frame.

    Welcome to an incredible woven story. For it is Collin’s own story intertwined with your own.

    Collins has asked that instead of a description, you begin to explore through your own eyes…… noting that you will never know all of the hidden pieces…. making the work so much like the magic of life.

    But here are a few questions to guide this forever exploration (above all, like life, exploration is about surprise and joy):

    -what is the meaning of the red rose, and its companion?
    -what record is is that you want to achieve.. what record do you want to break, what myths do you want to break?
    -where is the third flower?
    -where is the boy pitching the tent from the 1950’s pages -learning from the kindness of someone who is taking the time to help others, a lesson in sacrifice and love.
    -what is the protractor about? - where is it pointing?
    -can the wing be removed and its angle changed as life’s challenges greet us?
    -how many crowns are hidden within?
    -what does “future, now, you” mean?

    If you have gotten this far, your journey with this painted soul has just begun.

    Explore. Enjoy. Embrace.
  • $47,500