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  • Where did the Greatest Show On Earth come from?

    And what is our Greatest Show on Earth? What is our role?

    In Ancient Rome, a “Circus” was a building for chariot races, equestrian shows, gladiatorial combat and animal shows…and over thousands of years this evolved, disappeared and reappeared…always somehow in the edge of our collective conscience…

    In 1768 Philip Astley, a cavalry officer from England set up the first modern amphitheater made of wood for the display of horse riding tricks in Lambeth London…… He would perform masterful feats, jumping through rings of fire…..Yet it wasn’t until 1825, Joshua Purdy Brown first used a “canvas” tent for the circus performance (this use of the canvas tent was followed by his cousin Hachaliah Bailey, which later became Barnum and Bailey…..)

    For Collins, the Greatest Show on Earth is our Life, our World.

    What are the hoops we jump through… how loud the applause… and what does own Big Top contain…? Are we in the stands, on the sideline…. Or are we ourselves the performers… the doers… taking on the challenges, breathing fire, walking the tightrope, and magically triple summersaulting to a spectacular finish…? We are always the ringmaster in some form, if we but rise to take control of our destiny.

    Our role, and our Big Top is Indeed the Greatest Show on Earth
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