Ashley Collins Works

  • Ashley Collins

  • Imaginen

  • Collage
  • 84.0 " x 60.0 "
  • A child's life is not limited... it is unchecked by boundaries... a butterfly is a "flying yellow"... a dog is a "soft furry moving"... a raindrop is a "magic water". Then as we become educated, we learn the rules, regulations and procedures for being an adult... the boxes of social interaction... And yet... Our greatest achievements and most wondrous moments come if we re-discover that childlike imagination within us... When Collins first created this work... the image and the background were perfect... just like our roles as parent, lover, teacher, guide. Collins ripped it apart. broke the record, sanded the book pages, breaking free of "perfect". And in so doing, challenged us to do the same... to find something more beautiful than perfect... to find joy... to find...imagination. Are the ripped passages through the canvas one river flowing into three... an expansion that results when we open our horizons...or strikes of lightening to awaken us from our remind us of just how powerful we are...just how great the happiness we can create... The historic license plate a reminder that we are not a number...unless we chose to be...that we are unchecked Our imagination is the key to other kingdoms that surround us at this very moment.
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