Ashley Collins Works

Jupiter by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Jupiter

  • Collage
  • 72.0 " x 96.0 "
  • The ultimate event in American Pastime, the moment the Circus came to town. For the Circus brought with it an unknown... in an age where people worked the fields 7 days a week, it was suddenly permissible to take a day off, to explore all of life. To truly live. To see things only heard of, lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and not draft work horses, but rather horses whose sole purpose was to create joy, to dance with the acrobats and riders of all shapes and sizes. Collins chose the title "Jupiter" as a reflection of the magnitude of this event in every day life! The Roman God Jupiter was often referred to as Jupiter Optimus Maximus, which translates as the best and greatest. He was the father of the gods of Roman mythology. His jobs were many. Jupiter brought light and controlled the weather. He supplied protection during battle and gave victory to the winners. His presence was needed in times of war, but also during peace, where he kept order and supplied welfare. It was also thought the he was the god of heaven and not just the real-world sky above. He was the greatest of the great. And for one day, for one moment, the circus become the greatest of the great. For Collins, it is a reminder of not only how hard the lives who created the paths before us were, but the flip side of that coin- just how magical each moment in life can be, if we let it. It is reminder to see past the problems of the moment, and grasp the child like joy...of the child mid flip in the air above the horse...The red crown on the child's head a reminder that we are all kings and queens of our destiny. The royal lineage is determined solely by our hearts desire. The canvas scroll- a hint of "Tonight Only.. the Greatest Show.."... is a reminder of how precious each moment. The hidden book covers which seem to fly across the canvas, perhaps a challenge to throw our "knowledge" aside for the moment... to just be... to just embrace...The worn white book cover sanded by time, a reminder of how quickly the moment can pass if we are not giving our full heart to the experience. In shore, Jupiter challenges us to see the magnitude and magic of our world, of our life! Here and Now.
  • $74,500