Ashley Collins Works

Figaro by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Figaro

  • Oil
  • 60.0 " x 84.0 "
  • There is a moment in each of our lives where our struggle, hard work, and ambition pays off… that first moment and feeling when we realize that we have brought our own dreams, to fruition.

    Many know of Mozart’s’ extraordinary life as a child, a prodigy who’s father hauled him from palace to palace performing for the elite of Europe. But few realize that once he had reached young adulthood, he struggled for years.. being paid as a lowly court musician, if at all. Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro was completed and performed in 1784.. The Imperial Italian opera company paid Mozart 450 florins for the work;[5] this was three times his (low) yearly salary when he had worked as a court musician in Salzburg…. It was his first of so many successful moments to come, but made all the sweeter by being the first.

    Collins captures the joy of this moment, the red crown and chalk, creating a lightness and childlike joy, while layer upon layer of encaustic oil and acrylic represent the hours of struggles that preceded it. drawings in pencil can be found throughout the many layers, as well as an aged license plate from Europe, perhaps one of the first, one of the magical moments of Figaro.
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