Ashley Collins Works

Alexander by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Alexander , 2016

  • Acrylic
  • 84.0 " x 120.0 "
  • True Greatness is never without risk... the two are intertwined two sides of a coin... Those that never risk, never fail, truly never achieve. When Alexander the Great was ten years of age, his father, the ruthless King Philippe of Macedon, purchased a group of horses for an upcoming military campaign. One horse brought before the King refused every rider, bucked and bolted, fighting furiously. When the King refused this horse. Alexander stepped in and told his father that he would take the horse and tame him. While others laughed at the child's seeming ignorance, the King agreed to buy the horse- on the condition that if Alexander failed, he would not have any other horse for years. Alexander agreed to this bet and this risk. Alexander was a quick study, a prodigy of most task, and his understanding of horses somehow innate- he noticed what others had not... the horse was not nervous but, simply thrown off by his own shadow. Alexander turned the horse toward the sun and rode with ease... in the process gaining the trust of both the horse and his father. This single act lead his father King to procure the best tutor for his son. We know that tutors name as Aristotle. The horses name was Bucephalus. Bucephalus became the most famous horse in antiquity riding into battle as Alexander's mount and loyal companion, helping Alexander create the largest empire of the ancient world by the thirty first year of life. Alexander, to this day, continues to be referred to as Alexander The Great. All from a risk that others were unwilling to take. For Collins, this work is an homage to those that change the world... that defy the norms, that risk all, and in so doing raise the life of all.
  • $148,000