Ashley Collins Works

Prodigal by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Prodigal

  • Oil
  • 72.0 " x 96.0 "
  • The tale of the prodigal son or daughter, is the essence of divine love and of forgiveness, -the goal to rise above a moment and see the larger world, see the possibility and recognize that it is the mistakes by which we grow and learn. Indeed it is our greatest mistakes which create the foundations of our greatest achievements.

    For Collins, the parable is simply that it is “safe to make mistakes” within this family, within our society, within our lives. For it is the mistakes of our own, and of others that we learn the most from, that we grow the most from, and that we indeed learn to love the most from.

    The figurative image can be seen simply as the embodiment of love and wisdom, but it stands alone, painted amongst a vast canvas, and from this point of view, is the child, small innocent, a bit hesitant…

    Yet this painting is intentionally dualistic… if you change your perspective… the figurative horse becomes the adult, watching over the vast foreground… patient, all knowing… waiting… the foundation of all that is good.

    The sheer number of painted layers, creates a feeling of history… of timelessness, like an old billboard that has rusted in the seasons, gaining beauty through time… the image becoming more powerful, rather than less.
    We are all both the Prodigal Son, and the Forgiving and loving Parent… and it is in this dual role that the magnificence of love prevails.
  • $78,500