Ashley Collins Works

"Leap" Tryptich by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • "Leap" Tryptich

  • Acrylic
  • 84.0 " x 96.0 "
  • Throughout her 30 year painting career, Collins has incorporated the
    1800's photographs by Muybrige, as a creative push to see our world
    through the historical lens and prism that opened our visual opportunities.

    In "Leap", Collins takes the image of the leaping horse and divides it into
    four quadrants, each starting out with the same image, but
    magically transforming into four different stories. The names are of the
    horses actual used in Muybridges' studies.

    The lead horse, Pandora, is painted by Collins in a dry brush oil with rider
    in an almost sepia manner bringing a timeless newsprint finish.

    For Collins, each horse and rider have a intricate story and background,
    just as we can create our own stories, better, different, at any stage of life
    when we are willing to take a leap into the unknown.

    Feel the texture of this astounding work... the layers upon layers of paint
    which create a dynamism of movement, and this movement is echoed
    by the concentric circles, which are a reminder that we can go off the
    path, but we are never outside of "Us".

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