Ashley Collins Works

"Horse" Dyptich by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • "Horse" Dyptich

  • Acrylic
  • 84.0 " x 120.0 "
  • Collins homage to cave painting is simply entitled "Horse" and she approached
    this magnificent work as a celebration of seeing this majestic creature for the first
    time.. as if from a distance, trying to portray a memory.

    Hands, the handle edge of the brushes, and movement, all became
    Collins toolbox... but as she worked and the hours and days passed, she realized
    that she needed to instill the passage of time, thousands of years.
    But this would be impossible - wouldn't it? Collins experimented with various
    techniques, until she hit on one that worked... she began painting the canvas
    panels upside down in constant rotation and allowing the paint to create the time
    worn love that history provides....

    In this manner, turned in a constant circle... the painting becomes in part, the circle of life.
  • $144,500