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Flight by Ashley Collins
  • Ashley Collins

  • Flight

  • Acrylic
  • 48.0 " x 72.0 "
  • "Flight" 48" x 72", mixed media, oil and acrylic, encaustic, historical documents, fiber, matte varnish.

    It was freezing cold in Patagonia...but the otherworld beauty around me, enveloped me and the cold somehow was rendered quiet, as wind was fiercely blowing across the endless open plains.

    The horses mane was its own violent beautiful ocean, when suddenly a flock of white gulls sprung from nowhere. beautiful in flight. a single bird almost touching, parallel to me on the wind and in that moment a communion of peace. Wheels and cogs, part of an abandoned Patagonian factory from the early 1900's, became the encaustic drips and layers representing the chaos that always surrounds peace.

    The references to Harper are an homage to a dear companion, named after Harper Lee. The crown a symbol of our power, this soul came to life over many months, hammer, chisel, paintbrush, pages. sweat and love.
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